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How does LOVE INC work?

  1. Serviing Other by weedingIndividuals in participating churches fill out volunteer surveys, indicating the type of assistance they can provide. Assistance can include anything from help with computer skills to driving someone to an appointment to weeding a flowerbed.  Fill out the online survey and click the Submit button to send to Love INC. (The submit button is located at the bottom of the survey form.)
  2. Requests or referrals for help are received at the Love INC office from individuals, churches, or agencies.
  3. Needs are screened for legitimacy and referrals are made to the most appropriate source of help (i.e., a local social service agency, a helping organization, or a Love INC Coordinator in a participating church).
  4. The Love INC coordinator at a participating church identifies an available volunteer based on information from the volunteer surveys from their congregation. The need is met, the volunteer reports the results, and the Love INC office provides a follow-up call to the person who received the help.
  5. If an individual or family needs additional assistance, a request is made to Love INC and the process begins again.

Services you can offer

  • Transportationorigin_4948932489
  • Household repairs
  • Minor auto repairs
  • Yard work
  • Housecleaning
  • Help filling out forms
  • Temporary child care
  • Help someone move
  • Pick up and deliver furniture in your truck
  • Home visitation
  • Emergency baby supplies
  • Other talent or professional skillslarge__14268481033

Clearinghouse volunteers

  • Phone volunteer
  • Office worker
  • Special project volunteer