We have the keys! [New Property for Love INC]

Volunteer workers from ServeINC spruce up the property on July 9th.

Volunteers from ServeINC putting in a new fence.A great friend of Love INC has purchased the property and given us a five year lease with an option to purchase. Each portion of our monthly rent check that is applied to the principle pays down our balance owed! Isn’t that an amazing blessing?

Thank you to everyone for your continued prayers, financial contributions, donated professional services, physical labor, and verbal encouragement. We are making progress in our move to this new ministry facility: The medical equipment was moved Saturday April 30th from the Mennonite Village shop bay to our new shop by a hardy group of volunteers thanks to a gracious last minute donation of the use of a moving truck from Team Pendley, thank you Christie! Work has also begun to make the new building code com-pliant so our Clearinghouse can begin operations in the new location as well. Office equipment will be moved on Saturday June 25th.

Donations as well as continued requests have already been reaching us for the career closet to be opened at the new house. Excited conversations about cooking classes for food box recipients, budgeting classes, and other life skills classes can be heard daily.

Contractor Larry Crawford digging post holes for a new fence that volunteers with ServeINC were installing at the new property.In addition volunteers from Serve INC spruced up of the property as part of their day of service on July 9th! (Included images are from the ServeINC project. Photos by Don David.)

Thank you Church for this opportunity to be a part of your expanding ministry assisting in the release of our friends currently trapped in the grips of poverty… The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, to preach the acceptable year of the Lord. Luke 4:18-19

We must all work together to pursue this vision of expanded ministry to the poor. In addition to paying off the property, operational costs will increase, and additional volunteers will be needed to stock and staff the career closet and help teach the life skills classes. May many more know the transforming love of Christ through His mobilized Church.

Love Story: Giving Back

Years ago a couple contacted us when the husband was in need of some medical equipment as well as a ramp built.  We were able to bring him the equipment as well as build the ramp but unfortunately he did not live very much longer to enjoy them.  His wife however did end up needing the ramp and some of the equipment shortly after his passing.

Over the years since she has requested various home repairs which for the most part volunteers were able to provide.  Recently, her insurance company hired a contractor to do some major repairs which required replacing her floors.  She has taken this opportunity to downsize and Love INC has been the recipient of the majority of her donations.  It has been so fun to report back to her the many people her generosity has touched…a woman going to visit her mother’s grave had a beautiful basket of flowers to take, a mother going to visit her son in jail received a beautiful bible,  an elderly woman we recently moved found a Christmas angel for her new home… giving back to Love INC multiplied the blessings.

How delightful that Love INC can be that connective piece for them all!

Love Story: It’s Like Christmas

A woman called the Clearinghouse in need of assistance.  She had heard about us through Senior and Disability services.  She suffers with a degenerative bone disease for which doctors have no cure.  Through a series of unfortunate circumstances including domestic violence and rehab she found herself needing to start all over.

We had her fill out the Adult Services Team application (AST) and at her staffing spoke more to her about other needs she may have.  Love INC delivered household and hygiene items and then a new four wheeled walker with a seat.  She left a message after receiving it that she thought it must be Christmas as she was so excited.  She also wanted to attend a church but had no way to get there.  A call from the office followed by an email was all it took for a lovely couple to come by and introduce her to her new church family.

What a blessing to be that connective piece that our neighbors in need may feel the Love of Christ.

Love Story: Looking for Furniture

Our Medical Ministry Coordinator, Ron, shared another story with me today that particularly touched his heart and when I looked up her file this is what I found:

A woman called looking for furniture as her husband had left her about a month ago taking most of it. A neighbor had given her a rocker recliner but as she was recovering from a recent hip surgery her doctor told her she could not use it as she wouldn’t be able to get up. She was sleeping on a love seat using a lawn chair and pillows for her legs. Our medical coordinator delivered a hospital bed, shower bench and cane the very next day praying for her speedy recovery as he did so. One week later someone donated a table and chair which this client was eager to receive. When Ron delivered it she was up walking around.

God is so good to include us as He ministers His love!

Love Story: Medical Ministry Meeting Real Needs

I was speaking with our Medical Ministry Coordinator today asking him what Love INC encounter had touched his heart lately and here is what he told me:

A woman requesting medical equipment met him at our medical storage facility and in the course of picking out the things she needed, Ron asked if she could use a lift chair? She said she had just ordered one that day but could easily cancel it and take ours! She and her husband then gave us a recliner and a couch which went out to a family in need that very week.

God is good and gracious in letting us participate with Him in providing for His children.