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Volunteer Focus—Welcoming Our Neighbors

When people come into our Love INC office, frequently the first person they meet is a receptionist. The receptionist welcomes those seeking help, those bringing donations, as well as people who have questions about the ministry. At the Linn County Love INC we have two volunteer receptionists, each working two days a week — Sue Lucas and Diana Cruce.

SUE has been involved at Love INC for about 10 years. She learned about the ministry through a friend, and at first Sue was helping with a project — data entry. After
that she became a phone intake volunteer, and finally a receptionist. She enjoys welcoming people, learning about their situations, and helping problem-solve, but the most gratifying part of her job is being able to pray for people. Somehow God uses that prayer ministry to touch a person’s inner being, so they sense the Lord’s love and they begin to have hope. Sue readily admits that there are a few challenges in the ministry, including times when we don’t have a needed item (like a wheel chair), or we can’t provide a service (like a ride to a doctor) because no volunteers are available. Another challenge is when a client is in their current difficulty due to poor planning or is not taking responsibility for themselves to meet their own needs. However, overall, Sue said, “It is rewarding beyond words to see the wonders that God brings into people’s lives.”

Sue said, “If you have the time to give, there are lots of areas you can be involved in. Just come in and we can put you to work!”

DIANA has volunteered at Love INC for 5 years. After some initial training, she became a receptionist (she had been a church secretary in the past). Diana enjoys the ministry in many of the same ways that Sue does — meeting new people and developing relationships, sharing information about community resources that may help them, communicating respect and care to each person, and offering to pray.

Since Diana came to Love INC, her heart has gone out to people who continue to find themselves in difficult situations because they have not been taught how to navigate life well. Diana learned life skills when she was growing up in a caring family. That isn’t true for everyone. Diana has been involved in the Developmental Ministry aspect of Love INC, where classes are offered to help people understand more about their value to God and where they can learn life skills and biblical principles. Some people are ready to make positive changes in their lives, and it is a joy to see them learning from God and developing healthy friendships. God is blessing this ministry. Love INC offers some hand-outs, but we are also offering a “hand-up”. Praise God!